Hug your life loyalty program

Become a HUG LOYALTY CUSTOMER and get no limit discounts!

Open an account on our WEBSHOP and sign up for NEWSLETTER. Click on “I want to receive the newsletter” or directly by subscribing to the newsletter.

With your first order, you get a discount in our web shop. With the second order you get a bigger discount, with the third order, you get the biggest discount, which also becomes a permanent discount!

This makes you a HUG LOYALTY CUSTOMER!


  • 5% on your first order
  • 10% on your second order
  • 15% for your third and all other orders

That’s all! We do not collect points or stamps, we do not add up order amounts and there is no time limit.

Just be happy with the products and become a HUG LOYALTY CUSTOMER!

HUG LOYALTY PROGRAM does not apply to promotions, discounts, coupons or buy one/get one free packages. Discounts do not sum up.

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