Green Balance New Formula

Top alkaline quality support for the body

Hug Your Life Green Balance New Formula

Green Balance New Formula

Balanced synergy of eleven herbs

Green Balance New Formula Formula is a concentrated alkaline superfood, a so-called “green” formula made up of 11 exquisite herbs carefully selected and balanced in synergy with zinc that contributes to normal acid-base metabolism and the normal function of the immune system.


139,90 kn
Made in Croatia
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The concept of pH factor has been known for thousands of years and is based on the theory that human health is directly related to and depends on the level of acidity or alkalinity of the body. If the body is too acidic, ie. there is no balance, then there are disorders that manifest themselves in the form of a significant number of problems.

Cellular acidity displaces oxygen, and a lack of oxygen in cells creates an acidic environment. The alkalinity of the organism depends on what we eat. In order to eat properly, it is necessary to provide 60% of an alkaline diet and avoid foods that acidify the body in excessive amounts.

“It’s not the countless names of diseases that matter, but the fact that they all stem from the root cause: too much acidity in the body.”
– Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, book “Alkalize or die”